Creativity that fosters cultural change in organizations

In-company training that enhances the team's creativity and brings to the real world ideas that can transform your business.

Ideativo inova is a training axis that was born with the purpose of bringing new ways of thinking to organizational structures, enhancing the creative skills of teams in technology. Over the years, many of Ideativo Design's clients began to request training to foster a culture of UX design, creativity and innovation within organizations.

According to the Future of Work report published in 2018 by the World Economic Forum, creativity is one of the three most important skills for work and professions, along with complex problem solving and critical thinking. Like every skill, creativity can be trained and to be activated. Ideativo uses several methodologies, based on divergent and convergent thinking.

Creation is the ability we have to connect and combine elements, concepts and practices.

We developed and tested several tools and concluded that only the methodology of Design thinking is not enough for tangible transformations; there is a need to work on the culture as a whole. It is necessary to unlock creativity and, more than that, to tangibilize and practice this creativity among the actors involved. This means that, more than delivering the recipe for the cake, we train the combination of elements for the composition of this incredible cake. Design thinking is one of our tools, but not the only one; there are others that bring many results. That's why it is important that you share your scenario with us, so that we can optimize and prepare something specific for your company's reality!

Differential of our trainings

Warm up to reactivate the creative machine!

Due to our history, we decided to format three products that foster the dissemination of this culture in the corporate environment. Since we have clients in other cities, we have also developed remote methods to develop the dynamics, that is, even at a distance it is possible to enhance the human capital of your organization. Come see!

Let's practice our creativity?

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