To narrow down the distance between technology and people

Interface de aplicativo que faz a leitura de sinais vitais

Somos uma equipe criativa de UX Design que alia inovação, tecnologia, estratégia e design visual para diminuir a distância entre tecnologias e pessoas.

Where are we? Anywhere in the world! 😉
We combine human factors and data to enhance product and service experiences. Our work is based on the interaction between technology, design and business. We do customer experience management and digital transformation for the software industry.

How we do it

While developing products for you, we research your users' needs: what they need, how they use and interact with your services. We design to find the best solution - whether it already exists or not - always with a user-centric approach. We build prototypes and collect feedbacks to always evolve the UX deliveries.

Why we do it

We are fascinated by technology and innovation, but we know that many services and products out there have usability problems. This was our motivation to search for processes and methods that have two goals: profitability for our customers and comfort for their users. Curious? Come see our ideas and learn how we can help you with your project.


Why we are the best choice

Contract a UX plan

Have a UX team dedicated to creating a new legacy system interface approach, building a new digital product, or just getting your house in order. Count on the Ideativo team!


Do you have an old system that needs a new approach and communication with the user? This package is special for you ;)

Validating hypotheses

Thinking about an idea, but don't have time to validate it with the market? We can help you in this step and check the market acceptance.


Need to standardize the style guide or do a usability test? Already have the product, but need to adjust components?

Ideativo trainings

In-company training that seeks to develop creativity and innovation in teams. We believe that the methodology of Design Thinking is not enough for tangible transformations, there is a need to work on the culture as a whole. We work to unlock creativity, making its practice tangible among the team members.
A space destined for people who are interested in developing knowledge and skills in design, creativity, and innovation. These are distance learning courses, with practical and theoretical content. We seek to share Ideativo's experience, showing what works for us and also what doesn't. Come check it out!

Special Contents

Project Kickoff

We provide the canvas that we use to open up work on new projects.

Information Architecture

We have compiled in an ebook the best practices of IA for digital products.

Experiences with microinteractions

Enhance the user experience with our tutorial.

Series of UX research

Series of videos explaining how we apply research in different scenarios.


Your podcast about design, creativity and innovation.

Get to know our space on Spotify

We are producing podcasts related to the work we do at Ideativo, we show tools, design processes, how we work in partnership with our clients' teams of developers, among other interesting topics for the future of design. Check it out! 😉

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